Step 1:

Enter the search term in the search field and click the Search button.
There is an overview of the search term in all chapters.

Step 2:

Select the relevant chapter from the search term overview and click on the green chapter name.
Then you are forwarded to the chapter.

Step 3:

Search in the selected chapter.
Perform the following procedure when using a Computer, Android mobile or tablet, iPhone or iPad.


On your computer, open a web page in Chrome.

  • At the top right, click “⋮” [= More] and then “Find”.
  • Type your search term in the bar that appears in the top right.
  • Press the “Search” button or “Enter” to search the page.
  • Matches appear highlighted in yellow. You can see where all the matches are located on a web page using the yellow markers on the scrollbar.

Tip: You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + f (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) or “⌘” [= cmd / Option key] + f (Mac) to quickly find a word or phrase.


On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app and open a web page.

  • Tap “⋮” [= More] and then “Find in page”.
  • Type your search term.
  • Tap “🔍” [= Search].
  • Matches are highlighted. You can see where all the matches are located on a web page using the markers on the scrollbar.

iPhone & iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Chrome app Chrome.

  • On the web page, tap “⋮” [= More] and then “Find in page”.
  • At the top left, enter what you want to search for. Matching words will be highlighted in yellow and orange.
  • When you find what you were searching for, tap Done.
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